Staff Directory

Shari Andre’ Student Information Systems Assistant Coordinator ext. 7143 Email
Ashley Barnes Student Finance Specialist ext. 7148 Email
Corey Blake Web Master ext. 7246 Email
Devin Harris-Clark Admissions Counselor ext. 7142 Email
Denise Dailey Admin and Finance Secretary ext. 7234 Email
Jennifer Feibelman Retention Coordinator ext. 7137 Email
Rich Frank Systems Administrator ext. 7243 Email
Sherri Gibson Director of Finance ext. 7225 Email
Melissa Hadley Logistics Coordinator ext. 7105 Email
Quantavis Hill Director of Financial Aid ext. 7145 Email
Gayla Jackson Director of Administration and Finance ext. 7223 Email
Marina Kazanjian Human Resources Coordinator ext. 7227 Email
Sean Kelly Coordinator of Student Information Systems ext. 7242 Email
Ina Kendall Academic Affairs Coordinator ext. 7157 Email
Eric Mann Director of Communications and Marketing ext. 7244 Email
Melinda Malinowski Finance Coordinator ext. 7224 Email
Mike Martin Admissions Counselor ext. 7141 Email
April Mullins Network Technician ext. 7240 Email
Dr. Vandy Pacetti-Donelson Director of Library/Archivist ext. 7268 Email
Holly Park Instructional Designer ext. 7125 Email
Jennifer Pepper Instructional Technologist ext. 7126 Email
David Penrose Senior Instructional Designer ext. 7128 Email
Marjorie Sanders Student Services Secretary/Receptionist ext. 7162 Email
Kristie Sheppard Executive Secretary ext. 7206 Email
Robin Stephens Registrar ext. 7146 Email
Ed Swann Director of Operations ext. 7104 Email
Jeremiah Woosley Director of Instructional Design ext. 7127 Email