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world mapSince its founding nearly a half-century ago, the United States Sports Academy has leveraged its role and resources as a special mission sports university to make a global impact through quality sport instruction, research and service programs in 65 countries around the world. These contributions have varied in scope from the full-charge conduct of a nation’s entire national sport effort to individual coaching clinics, seminars, and symposia.

Clients of the Academy have included central sports organizations (CSOs, such as ministries of youth and sports), national Olympic committees, ministries of education (for physical education and interscholastic sport programs) and sport associations and federations. Beginning with an international education and training program with the State of Bahrain in the Arabian Gulf in 1976, the Academy’s international impact now includes some 50 Protocols for Cooperation with sports organizations or institutions of higher learning around the world.

CIQG logoThe Academy has been able to provide vast expertise expected from a sports university combined with the experience gleaned from applying this expertise in the field, and stands ready to help additional clients meet their sport education needs.

The United States Sports Academy is a member of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) International Quality Group (CIQG). The CIQG advances understanding of international quality assurance and promotes high quality higher education in today’s competitive and international world. For more information and a list of members, go to

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