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Students learning Strength and ConditioningAs an academic institution, the United States Sports Academy has the research base and curriculum skills required for developing ideal sport education programs to meet the needs of coaches, managers, and sports professionals around the world. As an organization that has used these skills in real-world settings while conducting sport education programs in the field, the Academy knows first-hand the challenges faced by coaches, managers, and strength & conditioning professionals. The result is the combination of theory and practical knowledge that allows for programs designed to impart the core skills that are necessary to succeed in sport professions.

Programs can consist of classroom, practical instruction, and online instruction in the areas of sports coaching, sports management, and sport and exercise science. Students who successfully complete the courses and meet all of the course requirements will be awarded a certification or diploma from the Academy.

Which international program option is right for you?

The Academy has an excellent reputation for successfully delivering sport management programs across the world. These programs have played an integral role in preparing competent sport management professionals both domestically and internationally.

The Academy offers the following Sport Management Development programs:

  • International Certification in Sports Management (ICSM)
  • International Diploma in Sports Management
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The Academy has developed a multi-tiered International Sports Coaching Development Curriculum (ISCDC) utilizing the International Sports Coaching Framework (ICSF) and best principles from high performing national federations. The curriculum is designed to provide the appropriate technical, tactical and interpersonal knowledge and experiences at three distinct milestones on the coach development pathway and to focus on the specific context in which the coach is working

Coaching Education Tiers

  • Lead Coach Development Program
  • Head Coach Development Program
  • National Coach Development Program
  • International Mentor Coach Program
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The Academy’s Sports Strength & Conditioning Certification (SSCC) Program prepares qualified strength
and conditioning coaches to work with athletes, teams, coaches, and administrators, both to create
better performing athletes and to develop a large strength and conditioning community in their own

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The Academy can create special courses and certification programs for Central Sports Organizations
(CSOs), sport federations, and other organizations located in different countries. The Academy has years of experience creating programs that accommodate the specific needs for its partners around the world.

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Professional Program Delivery to Suit Your Needs

Dr. King on CoachingThe Academy’s international post-secondary, non-degree programs can be delivered in three ways: onsite, online, or residential.

Onsite courses are delivered on-the-ground in our international partner’s country in a facility of their choosing. This delivery mode is advantageous as it encourages greater engagement and participation by the students. This mode has been successful over the years because the Academy has a large pool of instructors who specialize in sport within the specific discipline being taught onsite.

Online delivery mode consists of courses that are post-secondary, non-degree programs delivered online through our Center for Professional Studies and Continuing Education (CPSCE). Online programs do not have degree program requirements such as a TOEFL score although the student selected to participate in the program will need to be able to communicate in English and have English reading and writing skills.

Residential courses require students to come to the United States of America to complete specialized residential courses. These are normally short-term programs with small groups of students. It should be noted that this requires visas and all other appropriate measures for international travel.

Stay Up-to-Date in Your Field

The post-secondary, non-degree programs delivered through the Center for Professional Studies and Continuing Education carry academic credit measured in Continuing Education Units (CEUs). CEUs are awarded by many education and training providers to signify successful completion of programs and courses intended to improve the knowledge and skills of working professionals. The typical CEU represents ten (10) contact or clock hours of experience in a structured continuing education experience (class, seminar, workshop, conference, etc.) that is supervised by a qualified continuing education provider. This means that a course worth 4 CEUs represents 40 contact or clock hours for student participants.

Professionals can use CEUs to improve their skills and stay current in their discipline. Certain professions require that practitioners earn a specific number of CEUs per year to ensure they are up-to-date with current practices in their field. CEUs may be useful for obtaining or maintaining certifications. In addition, CEUs have often been used for job promotions and salary increases, depending on their employer’s requirements.

An Example of Our Commitment to International Education

To the right is an example of a Spanish language video used in our international course-ware for pregnancy and post-partum fitness. Our international course-ware can be customized to fit the needs of our international partners, to maximize learning potential while minimizing language barriers. It’s our commitment to our students, both domestic and abroad.