Womens Ring with cup

Offered By Popular Demand Through Jostens

Official Academy rings for men and women are available for purchase from Jostens (a custom jewelry supplier since 1896).

Please note that the orders are placed through Jostens and not the Academy. Any problems or questions you may have about ordering, please contact Jostens at 800-567-8367. *Pricing is subject to change.

Please fill out and print the ORDER FORM and return it to Jostens with your
$100 deposit (check or money order) to:

P.O. BOX 645
Northport, AL 35476

Be sure to fill out the form completely and accurately or you can order by phone at


Mens ring

Men’s Ring:

White Lustrium: $235.00
Yellow Lustrium: $325.00
10K (Yellow/White): $790.00
14K (Yellow/White): $1400.00

Womens ring

Women’s Ring

White Lustrium: $210.00
Yellow Lustrium: $305.00
10K (Yellow/White): $525.00
14K (Yellow/White): $760.00