United States Sports Academy students who excelled during the Summer 2018 semester were honored by being included on the President’s List and Dean’s List. Those on the President’s List had a grade-point average of 4.0. Undergraduates on the Dean’s List had a grade-point average of 3.4-3.99, while graduate students on the Dean’s List had a grade-point average of 3.8-3.99.

Doctoral President’s List

Danielle Adkins – Charlotte, N.C. – Sports Management

Jed Smith – Cedar Falls, Iowa – Sports Management

Doctoral Dean’s List

Jason Williams – Foley, Ala. – Sports Management

Master’s President’s List

Alison Daehling – Two Rivers, Wisc. – Sports Management/Sports Coaching dual degree

Michael Geiger – Visalia, Calif. – Sports Medicine/Sports Health and Fitness dual degree

Cheryl Tabone – Fredonia, N.Y. – Sports Coaching/Sports Medicine dual degree

Master’s Dean’s List

Andrea Gordon – Houston, Texas – Sports Health and Fitness

Michael Higgins – Dallas, Texas – Sports Studies

Grant Palmer – El Segundo, Calif. – Sports Health and Fitness

Bachelor’s Dean’s List

Jason Cauley – Hays, Kan. – Sports Coaching

Eric Dempsey – Salem, Ala. – Sports Strength and Conditioning

Jackson Flynn – Medford Lakes, N.J. – Sports Coaching

Jerrell Stephens – Belle Chase, La. – Sports Strength and Conditioning