United States Sports Academy doctoral degree holder Dr. Mark Janas is the cycling coach at Saint Augustine’s University in Raleigh, N.C. He’s also a prolific inventor, innovator and writer who has written extensively for the Academy’s Sport Digest blog.

Janas is the founder of RevoRace.com, a virtual event and race management platform, and he uses his expertise in the field in his latest article titled “How to Build a Collegiate Virtual Sports Program.” The piece (read it here) covers everything you need to know about just virtual sports administration – from describing the difference between “virtual sport” and Esports to giving tips and pointers on getting your college’s virtual sports program off the ground.

Janas, who earned his Doctor of Education degree in Sports Management with a sports medicine emphasis in 2011, was the Academy’s 2012 Alumnus of the Year.

Janas said earning his doctoral degree from the Academy gave him a deeper knowledge of the business side of sports, which has helped as he has brought new products to the market.

“I chose the United States Sports Academy specifically because it was a sports-only doctoral program,” said Janas, who lives in Raleigh, N.C. “I had a solid business background, both academically and professionally, before starting at the Academy, but I was searching for more sports business/science-specific content to support the work I was doing at the time in minor league professional basketball.

“The business of sport is unique, and there are very few places a prospective student can go to find this type of education,” he said. “Once at the Academy I found myself blending all of my worlds – minor league sports, IT product development, and medicine – in my studies and my research. It was a perfect fit for me.”

At Saint Augustine’s University, Janas coaches the first cycling team at an HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) in the country with Academy student Umar Muhammad.